help with cables.

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there are lots of cable dangling around my desk.

main unit power
monitor power
printer power
printer cable
vga cable
Keybord cable
Mouse cable
audio line to subwoofer
audio line from subwoofer to speakers.
power adapters for subwoofer, cable modem, router.
modem cable to wall
router cable to modem
ethernet cable to router

can anyone post a picture of their NEAT
cable arrangement? or at least advise on how to hide them?

I am thinking putting everything behind my bookshelf,
run just 3 cables, monitor, mouse, keyboard. but how do i
easily turn the machine on/off? and what about USB cable?

I hate the most are thoese huge and heavy power adapters.

I can't love my computer this way, I need an organized workplace.

how's yours look like?

Re: help with cables.

TW wrote:
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LOL!! Quit complaining! ;o) You want to know how many cables I have coming
out of mine?! I've given up trying to control them, I think they *breed*!

4 x printers (so that's 4 power and 4 USB) - well one's a little PictureMate
I was given for Christmas.
 1 x monitor (1 power, 1 VGA, 1 USB (it has a built in hub))
System (1 power)
Scanner (1 power, 1 USB)
2 x external hard drives (2 power, 2 USB)
1 x Tablet (1 USB)
1 x camera charger (1 power)
 5.1 digital speaker set (1 power and 5 very fine wiry cables)
1 x router (1 power and 1 Ethernet)
1 x webcam (1 USB)
1 x card reader (1 USB)
2 x USB hubs (2 power and 2 USB)
Mouse (1 PS/2)
1 keyboard receiver (1 PS/2)
1 desk lamp (1 power)
3 x calibrators (3 USB)
Oh and my camera if I choose to hook it up to either one of the Canons or to
a USB port (1 USB)

So that's 15 power, 17 USB, 1 VGA and 1 Ethernet. Oh and the cable from the
router to the phone socket. OK, OK, so I'm a gadget freak! The Pixma 8500 is
my every day printer, I have an R800 for pigmented printing and an i9950 for

Never try to tame the wires - they have a way of biting you back...

I'm going to have to plant a lot of trees to offset my carbon emissions....
In memory of MS MVP Alex Nichol:

Re: help with cables.

Send the group a Cable, I`m sure someone can help. %> )

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Re: help with cables.

get a wireless mouse and KB and use wire ties on everything else

Re: help with cables.

"TW" wrote:
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Under the desk, against the wall and floor, and I can't see them from here.
That's all that matters to me.


Re: help with cables.

On Wed, 01 Jun 2005 14:50:55 -0500, TW

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Use shortest cables possible

Wire-tie when possible

Use a desk with solid back to conceal cables between the
back and the wall

Use more wireless devices

Raised platform with hollow interior to store cable slack

Stop buying devices with cables

Re: help with cables.

Camouflage paint cables to their existing background.

Jan Alter
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Re: help with cables.

On Fri, 03 Jun 2005 11:03:06 GMT, "Jan Alter"

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.... or drink a few pints of ale so you just don't care
anymore.  Mostly it seems like the gear is just arranged
wrong if you can see the cables much... that is, wrong if
the item of important is (whether you can see the cables).

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