Help with a Cool'n'quiet problem

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I have an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum and AMD64 Athlon +4000.   Cool'nquiet used
to work just fine but lately I have doubts that its working correctly.

Bios setting is 60degrees and 4deg, no overclocking.

AMD power monitor shows core voltage changing on load 2.5V to 1.1V and
frequency 2.41GHz to 1GHz but My Computer/properties/general is still
showing 2.41GHz?

Additionally I think my MB chipset fan is running at full speed whereas I am
sure it was speed controlled just like the precessor fan.  It is this
chipset fan speed which is my main concern  as the noise is very annoying.

Anyone got any advice?


Re: Help with a Cool'n'quiet problem

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you're reading something wrong - your CPU only draws around 1.5v maximum.

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That will always show the standard speed of the CPU - it won't fluctuate
with CnQ.

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My advice would be to dispense with CnQ altogether as it can cause stability
issues. A decent Artic cooler is quiet enough not to need CnQ. As for the
mobo chipset I would fit one of those Zalman fanless heatsinks instead.

and try Motherboard Monitor (its free - Google for it) to check your temps
and voltages as whatever you're using now doesnt seem accurate.

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