Help? which mini-pc is this?

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I just dug out a PC I haven't see for years. Its spec is probably way
out of date by now, but I figured I could install Linux and/or use it
as as server of firewall.

I bought it about 4 years ago in Europe, although it may have been a
year or two old then.

It is a "min-system" - physically, it is about as long and wide as a
CD, plus about 1/4 inch, and about 1.5 inch tall. teh size is due to
the CD drive and hard drive, plus a very small motherboard.

It is badged M-series (in wine/purple) and has a log of a mouse (on a
background fo the same colour). On the base it says "Atoz model EZ1",
which ought to be a give away, but deosn't seem to help when googling.

If anyone can recognize it from that, please tell me; thanks.

All that I really need to know is the input voltage; I can't find the
power supply, so need to know how to configure a universal power

Thanks ina dvance for any help ...

Re: Help? which mini-pc is this?

Baron Samedi wrote:
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This FAQ page gives some idea. But I would disassemble it, and see if the
voltage value is written on the PCB, near the connector. It would also
help, to verify the model is E3032, so that the FAQ page is applicable.
The specification page lists 18V @ 3.2A.

It is possible the voltage is also written in the plastic of the casing,
near the connector.

The E3032 is pictured on the left on this archived page. /

Further pages are listed here. /*/

The later versions with P4 processor present, take a 20V @ 6A power
supply. So I guess each model is slightly different. Make sure the
polarity of the center pin of the supply, is correct.


Re: Help? which mini-pc is this?

Baron Samedi wrote:
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Atoz is found here. Send them an E-mail and ask.

Re: Help? which mini-pc is this?

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