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Hi I just purchased a PNY 6600gt.  I previously had a Radeon x700pro.
Here is the problem (actually I experinced it with bith cards)  The
Card works great in doom 3 far cry painkiller, super.  But man I have
been having a hell of a time with Half Life 2.  The game goes through
many stuttering or jittery like points through out the game.  And
this is not occuring in any time during a graphically demaning event.
 It just happens randomly through out.  I have updated my bios and
chipset and tried many drivers. Any suggestions.
Whats im my computer:
Pentium 4 2.0ghz
768 ram

THanks so much

Re: Help...Video Card Issue..Help

On Fri, 06 May 2005 02:25:43 -0500, (Gobig911) wrote:

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There seems to be a lot talk about CPUs holding back performance They
recommend an AMD 64

Hard to say obviously if thats the reason though. When I had my 9800
ATI on my old ASUS nfroce2 board I was playing DOOM3 and noticed spots
when it would stutter, choke. I put together a neighbors system last
year after he went nuts and got a 6800GT and AMD 64 system for his son
and was think "This baby is going to FLY with DOOM 3 !"  Then I tried
it and it stuttered at the same spots and seemed to choke.  I didnt
keep the system long for obvious reasons but chalked it up to not
having it tweaked. I later saw some thread where some people claimed
you had to change some settings in an ini file or some optimization
program or something or you got stuttering and that it made all the
difference. I forget the details cause soon after I upgraded to a AND
64 and 800XL.

Re: Help...Video Card Issue..Help

On Fri, 06 May 2005 02:25:43 -0500 If I have seen farther it is
because I have stood on the shoulder of giants (Gobig911) wrote :

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