Help to get PC working please

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First sorry for cross posting I was not sure which NG would give me the  
better response.


I have a PC I am trying to rescue form my Parents.  They had a mouse  
infestation and they got into the PC and obviously the PC stopped working.

I have now cleaned out the PC and removed all the crap of all boards by  
using a very similar process as at
and all appears to be looking good.

I have reconnected everything and having no additional luck.

Symptom is that the MB appears to be gettng power (can see the LED's light  
up) and when I push the power button the CPU fan and two other case fans  
spin for a brief couple of seconds and then nothing.

So my question what could be the issue can you point me to what I should  
look at first.  I tought of a new case with a new Power supply, but thought  
before I do that I'd ask here for some ideas.

BTW its an ASUS A7V8X MB with an Athlon 2.4Ghz CPU I think :)



Re: Help to get PC working please

If you can get the mobo back to life; it may not last long due t
corrosion. Best thing to do would be to replace. Be sure to check ou
the cables and make sure they weren't munched on.  :

Re: Help to get PC working please

On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 18:30:09 GMT, no@spam.invalid (Myrrapen)

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For all the talk of corrosion, it should not be as bad as
you imply.  Boards are coated and contacts are gold plated.
Exposed solder is slightly susceptible (but frankly I don't
know the details on this newer lead-free solder, ie- what
specific blend they're currently using), as would be a
component leads.  Even so, it's not like it's going to eat
through them entirely, the issues would more likely be the
mechanical contacts which are predominately gold plated.

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