help replacing processor and/or mobo

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Please can anyone advise me what to bear in mind when upgrading my
Pentium 3 933 .

My fan stopped working - so I had to buy both new heatsink and fan
(couldn't find a replacement TaiSol fan anywhere which I just could
have replaced without touching the processor) and in the process of
attaching these onto my processor (I didn't find this at all easy)
something has gone wrong and my pc won't fire up - it turns on but goes
nowhere and the screen doesn't change.  So I removed everything from
the motherboard and put it back together, checking cables etc - still
no joy.  I'm assuming I'm going to have to replace either the mobo or
the processor and assume there's no way of telling which without going
through the process of elimination - so I shall probably have to buy
both.  If I start by getting a new processor for my Gigabyte socket 370
GA-60XT, I can see from Gigabyte's website -
- that I can go up to a P3-Coppermine 1.0G - but also that I could go
for a Tualatin 1.13, 1.2 or 1.26.  Would there be a noticeable
difference and what would I have to bear in mind?  I assume with
Tualatin I'd need to get a socket adaptor - in which case isn't this
going to make it more difficult to attach my heatsink and fan (extra
height).  Would it cut out a whole lot of hassle if I just went for the
Coppermine 1.0G.  The Tualatins seem much more expensive.

Any advice, points to consider, much appreciated.  many thanks

Re: help replacing processor and/or mobo

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Make sure to use some thermal compound between the
heatsink and the CPU, such as: /

-- Bob Day

Re: help replacing processor and/or mobo wrote:
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if your fan quit and your cpu overheated...
the chances are the motherboard is still OK and just the cpu itself died

Re: help replacing processor and/or mobo

the cpu was working up until and beyond when the fan quit (if I held
the fan in my hand against the heatsink I could use the computer - the
fan's blades had obviously warped and were catching on something if
that makes sense) - it was only after having attached the new heatsink
and fan that something went wrong - possibly overforcing it onto the

Re: help replacing processor and/or mobo

I suppose what I really want to know is - when I go to Ebay and look at
the socket 370 processors, which to go for - and ideally I want the
fastest - but with the least complications - and from my research it
seems that going for a tualatin may require a socket adaptor.  Some
socket 370 pentium 3 1ghz processors go for a lot more than others -
the only difference being the sSpec - is this something I need to
consider too?

Re: help replacing processor and/or mobo

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I had trouble upgrading a GA-6OX from a 500Mhz celeron up to a 933Mhz celeron
(sSpec: SL5V2 - ).  It simply refused to even POST
(wouldn't even give a power light until I put the old CPU back in). I don't what
the difference is between the 6OX and the 6OXT, I guess the latter takes
tualatin chips ?

The sSpec is simply an ID number so you can lookup the specs here: (you can put in the sSpec or browse the different
families of CPU's)

Have you tried clearing CMOS ? (remove the battery and/or use the jumper) ? Have
you tried removing pci/isa cards ? I had a sound card die with my 6OX system,
and it refused to POST until I removed it ! (replacement sound card worked like
a dream)

Have you got a system speaker  connected ? (small case mounted speaker/buzzer
with 2 wires) - if not then find one and see if you get any error beeps..

As for a second CPU to test, I would go with the 1Ghz Coppermine..  you're not
gonna see a huge difference between 1Ghz and 1.26Ghz..


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Re: help replacing processor and/or mobo wrote:
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actually , when you had the machine apart...
you might have just bumped something loose.

check and double check all your cables and the RAM.

My feeling is that even if the fan quite...
the heatsink alone should have kept your cou from frying

Re: help replacing processor and/or mobo

thank you for these helpful replies - i will check everything again and
probably try another CPU as it's good practice.  can't afford a newer
system yet.

Re: help replacing processor and/or mobo

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before you purchase another cpu...
have a good look at it with some reading glasses.
if it looks burned it's definately bad...
but if it looks ok...though it could be bad...
it might still be ok

Re: help replacing processor and/or mobo

On 2 Oct 2005 08:14:25 -0700, wrote:

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.... and you shouldn't have necessarily wanted same thing as
a replacement since it has demonstrated that it has poor

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Did you try clearing CMOS while AC power was disconnected?
Also, with power off for awhile, it's more likely the
battery is drained so check it's voltage too.

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Examine your board for failed capacitors, those domed,
swelling, vented residue on tops or bottoms.  Several of the
Gigabyte Socket 370 boards are known to have faulty

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You do not need a socket adapter for your board- older
boards needed one but not those designed to accomodate
Tualatins.  Tualatins weren't that much more expensive but
it depends on where you look, as they were less common and I
haven't priced them recently.

Tualatin should be no trouble, just throw it in and go just
as you would use the Coppermine.  A Tualatin Celeron is the
best value if you can find one at reasonable price as the L2
cache is doubled to be same as that on a P3 Coppermine.  

MHz per MHz, they're a roughly linear performance increase
(for CPU bound tasks of course, it depends where your
bottleneck is).  So in that context, if it's not worth the
difference in cost to get a 1.4GHz Tualatin over a 1.0GHz
Coppermine, then don't.  Frankly for a system that age I
would get cheapest CPU possible (if the motherboard is still
good) and think about a newer system.  Cheapest possible
might be something like a Celeron 800?  Try to stay above
Celeron 766 as that was the fastest speed that used the
lower 66MHz FSB.

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