HELP, Please!?!

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Our Gateway PC is on the fritz and weíre not sure why.  When we try to
reboot we get this message:

PXE-MOF:  Exiting PXE ROM.
No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key.

I tried to reinstall Windows XP but it didnít work.  Itís almost like
the computer isnít recognizing the C drive?!?  

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


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Re: HELP, Please!?!

kar74 wrote:
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That does sound like it's the case.

Hopefully, though, there's just some craziness going on with the Boot
order as defined in your BIOS.  This thread:

....suggests that the error messages you are seeing are from a failed
attempt to boot from a network source.

Check the boot order in your BIOS to insure that the hard drive is
fairly high in the list.  Generally, I have it something like this:

(1) Floppy Drive
(2) CD-ROM
(3) Hard Drive

If you do this, will it boot from the hard drive?

Will it boot from a bootable CD?

Re: HELP, Please!?!

On 1 Sep 2005 23:40:15 -0400, kar74

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Use the hard drive manufacturer's utility (which makes a
boot floppy), available for download from the respective
website, to check the hard drive.

It's possbile for a bios settings change to produce the
result you're seeing, but if you hadn't touched the bios
settings it is more likely a drive problem, though
occasionally a general system instability (like bad power or
overheating CPU) can foul up the startup sequence if not
elsewhere... but if you had turned on the system from being
off for awhile that's probably not the problem.

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