HELP please!!

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Ok as of lately my  Pc has been  acting up a bit here & there mainly if
im doing more things then one it trys to lock up & so on i know i  don't
have any viruses  or anything like that so i check out my cpu & mb temps
both seemed high  CPU = 50c.   MB = 56-60c.
so i added a chassis fan  


My temps drop to that but still same thing   any clues  on what else i
might try?

I not sure but i hope it not the power supply  but i  know sometime
when they go out the pc can act like this

Anyways thanks for the help well check back later

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Re: HELP please!!

Pc noobie wrote:
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Your +12V is a bit low. Acceptable is +11.4V. Yours is 11.25V.
Verify with a multimeter (grab a Molex disk drive power connector
and measure the voltage there). If you have a spare power
supply, swap it in. Get help at a local computer store selecting
one - the label on the existing one has rating info, and the
store can suggest something with the same or more output
capability. There are certainly brands to avoid (Deer) and
if you have any question about what they are trying to sell
you, report back with brand/model info for the item they sell.

This thread separates PSU brands into tiers, for easier shopping.


Re: HELP please!!

Bah it truned out to be the power supply -_- thing is it's warranty just
ran out so im stuck buying a new one bah   anyways thanks for the help &
u was right on the money about the power kinda of thought  thats what it
was tho :(

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