Help on USB TV tuner

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Hi everybody,

I'd like to buy a TV tuner for my portable computer. I was thinking of
one hybrid (digital+analog tv) from Zaapa (USB key). Do you have any
advice on this? I'd be glad of any recommendations and suggestions. I'd
like it to be small, with a good reception and for both
digital/analogic TV. If it can automatically compress video, that would
nice too.

I don't know much about these devices, so I appreciate any comment or
pages. Also: is the built-in antenna that some of these devices carry
enough to see tv even in the absence of a fixed tv connector? or is it
possible to connect a portable antenna? (would it be possible to use
them without a wired antenna connection?). Another question: are these
devices to tune digital tv without any other requirements (like an
antenna connection with digital tv)?

Another thing that I would like to know is if some of these USB tuners
could also be used to tune satellite tv. Or, on the contrary, would it
be possible to connect my tv tuner to my satellite receiver in order to
see and record some programs? In that case, what do I need? (is it a
RGB input enough or do I need some kind of audio input too? Can I use
the satellite receiver in order to see a program in my computer while
the (main) TV is used to see anything else?

Thanks in advance for any clarification,


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