HELP - new printer, mouse, and DVD RW installed, but monitor lost!

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I'm hoping some kind soul can give me a clue here, cos I'm lost.

I have a HP pavilion PC (running Windows XP) with a flat screen
monitor, neither of which have ever failed me. Then yesterday I go out
and buy a new mouse (a Trust chordless one), DVD RW drive, and printer
(Cannon MP150). Basically I tried installing everything and booting it
up in one or two goes, and while nothing complained, I have now lost my
monitor. In saying that, the monitor works fine in that I can turn it
on, but the PC boots up fine (the speaker plays the usual bootup wav)
but seems to have no connection to the monitor.

Anyone have any idea what I can try? It's hard, when you can't see what
you're doing! I noticed the DVD RW drive didn't install perfectly, as
when I booted up I could only see the new drive, and not the other (DVD
ROM) drive I left in (I took a CD RW drive out to make room for the DVD
RW). The last thing I remember doing before my final reboot was
connecting the printer up, and the PC saying "new hardware detected".

ANY hints on what I can try GREATLY appreciated.



Re: HELP - new printer, mouse, and DVD RW installed, but monitor lost!

On 16 Oct 2005 01:37:27 -0700, "Chuck"

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Unplug the printer, unplug the cables from the new DVD
drive, and unplug the mouse.  Now everything should be same
as before you started except your DVD ROM drive.  Check the
cables and cards in the system as you probably dislodged
something... perhaps the video card.

If you were working without AC power disconnected you might
have damaged the board, if all else fails then clear CMOS.

Get system working again without any of the new parts then
add them back one at a time.  If your motherboard is
jumpered to use 5VSB for PS2 or USB devices then try
jumpering it to 5V instead (details in your manual if

You probably jumpered the drives wrong, is why the two
opticals weren't working together.  Recheck jumper settings.

If the system is too cramped (likely) then you may need to
pull a few things out to see what you're doing better.

Re: HELP - new printer, mouse, and DVD RW installed, but monitor lost!

Thanks for the reply, Kony! I reversed everything out and started
again, and the monitor came back. Trouble was that I had put the new
DVD RW drive in the slot where the CD RW drive had been, when I should
have put it where the existing DVD ROM drive was. I did this, and all's


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