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I have an old PC with a motherboard that doesn't have any documentation

It used to work great, but today I found it in a forzen state (blank
screen) that and didn't want to boot up again for a diffirence. I
supposed the AT PSU was to blame, since some connector pins were visibly
charred. However when I replaced the PSU and all suspicious components,
the computer still refuses to boot.

It seems the network card, which is connected to the board with a
special cable (WOL I think) powers up and begins passing around packets,
the harddrives spin up and employ their heads, but the CPU fan is
perfectly still and there is nothing happening, no beep, no keyboard
start, blank screen, etc, nor is the CPU getting any less cold.

Since the motherboard also has an ATX plug, I am going to try with an
ATX PSU and see what happens, the only problem is I don't know which
pins on the motherboard are supposed to be bridged to turn it on (ATX
power switch plugs).

Here is what I got at the moment:

|   |       | | | |
o o o o o   o o o o          ISA SLOT HERE
o o   o o   o o o o
| |         | | | |
             TURBO LED

I suppose I'd be able to get the remaining pin meanings if I knew what
motherboard brand and model this is, but I do not. Can you help me there?

As said the motherboard has AT and ATX power plug options; it has two
onboard IDE controllers, floppy, etc; it has 3 PCI slots, 2 ISA slots,
AGP (x2 max I think), 2 SDRAM slots and a CPU slot (not socket). It has
an apparently non-standard USB connector (pinset), two COM port
connectors, LPT port connector, PS/2 mouse connector and large DIN
keyboard plug socket. The CPU in it is a 300 MHz Penitum II and the
chipset has a green raidator with "Soyo" on it, the second chip of the
chipset also has a label saying "Soyo".

Hope I can fix this bugger.

Thanks. =)

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Re: Help motherboardy problems

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 20:16:50 +0200, Jure Sah

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Charred connectors "could" (maybe) be because the contacts
were fouled, but I'd sooner suspect some other (motherboard
or card) components were shorting out and that these faulty
components might need replaced.  You might unplug all
non-essential boards for the time being, then examine the
video card and motherboard capacitors, other parts.

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If you have confirmed the AT PSU you tried, worked, why
expect an ATX to work?  I doubt it will.
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I could guess that it's the two pins between the Reset and
Turbo LED pins, but downloading any manual from that era for
a Soyo board would probably show a common pinout used on the
board the manual is meant for- but also same pinout for

There might also be another jumper you must move before
trying an ATX power supply.  That too would be in a manual
if it's not labeled on the board (could be hard to see/read
even if it is).  In that case, of course you would need a
manual for one of their dual-PSU capable, (usually Baby AT
form factor) boards.

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Based on what you wrote below it's a Soyo, maybe some
derivative of Sy-6BB.  If you find nothing else closer then
try the SY-6BB manual, but you might note on the picture
linked from below linked webpage, there should be a model #
silkscreened on the board between the slots.

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If it is the board you might see if the local mom-n-pop
computer shop has anything to replace it, as parts this old
are being thrown away these days.

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