help - monitor or video card problem

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I have an Asus 24" VS248H-P R LED monitor and a PowerColor (Radeon)
HD6750 1GB DDR3 video card.  Two or three times now over a six month
period, I noticed that the monitor screen will have a semi-transparent
grey splotch in the lower left quadrant of the screen.  IIRC, each time
it happened when I woke up my desktop after it had gone into
hibernation mode.  Its shape and color make me want to compare it to
that of a grey cloud.  I can see the desktop, but the area it covers is
light to medium grey.  At least it's not moving :-)

I haven't experienced this problem before.  Is it a prelude to the
monitor or video card failing?  If so, which one would be the likely
suspect?  What would be useful search terms to use to find out more
about it?



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