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I can't believe I can't find a WHITE IDE internal DVD burner anywhere! A
year ago you could find them most anywhere.
It hasn't been that long ago that they came with interchangeable face

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Chief Scratchum wrote:
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When I bought one of these a couple years ago, it says "black" on
the box, but inside the box is a replacement beige bezel.

Even figuring out what software was bundled with the product was
difficult. I actually had to drive to the store, pick up the box,
and read the side of the box, to get the details :-)

The advantage of buying a "retail" boxed drive like that one,
is all the goodies inside the box. When you buy the "drive in
a bag" product or OEM goods, it slashes the price by 33%,
but you're missing a CD with software, extra bezel and so on.

In this case, I cannot prove to you, that the product comes
with the beige bezel inside! The advert doesn't mention it,
so I can't be absolutely sure, that the item shipping today,
has the same box contents as the one two years ago.

The reason they might not mention the box contents on a page
like this, is because they may be using this web page for
both the OEM version and the "retail" version.

Here is another seller, claiming to have both black and white

It's a crap shoot.


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Well, like you say, the "white" part is unsure on the first one.
The second one is kind of salty... about double what you can buy some of
the black ones for. I just talked to my customer about it and he's decided
that he really doesn't care that much if it doesn't match. I already have a
couple of those in stock, so black it is.
Thanks for helping me verify that the white ones are nearly extinct!

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On Fri, 23 Apr 2010 21:39:15 -0500, Chief Scratchum

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Pop the plastic bezel off and paint with spray-on  Vinyl
Dye, available at many auto parts stores for about $5.  Not
to be confused with paint for plastics, it seeps into the
plastic so it won't chip off.

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kony wrote:

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or if you have an old dvd-drive with a white bezel take it of and put it on the

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