Help me deal with DVD drive errors

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I have a DVD drive that is giving me this error on data disks I have


What can I do?   Clean the drive?  How?

The disks in question read just fine on another machine I have.



Re: Help me deal with DVD drive errors


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Discs might have a few errors, enough that one drive can
read the marginal disc but another can't (even if both
drives were working *perfectly*, as designed.

Drive might instead be worn or dusty now- not much can be
done about the wear except maybe trying to relube the motor
bearing and slide rails for the read head, but that's a PITA
requiring disassembly and may not help.  Otherwise just try
blowing drive out with compressed air or in extreme
emergency (or just for the hobby-sake of it) take drive
apart and stream pure alcohol across the lens while it's
orientated perpendicular to the horizon (so the fluid drips
off the edge better).  That is also hit-or-miss, ultimately
if the discs are bad you might seek better media, and/or
better burner, lower write speed, or use a 2nd burner or
reader-only known to read better.

Re: Help me deal with DVD drive errors

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I don't do a lot of burning, but tried a copy of Nero for
about a week. I was tuning up a DVD writer for a relative.

The tuneup process involves buying samples of different
brands of DVD media, burning them, then scanning them
with the Nero tool that measures PI/PO errors. I was using
a Liteon drive, and most of the media did not work well.
A typical error pattern, would be a low error rate, until
about 1/3 to 1/2 way out on the disk. Then the error rate
would rise dramatically, until the drive would jam up
doing retries (basically unable to make any forward
progress). A firmware upgrade helped a bit, but I
didn't have forever to wait for Liteon to finish
developing their product.

The result of my experience, is I am less than impressed
with media and burners. My guess is, there is absolutely
nothing wrong with your drive. You need to test a bunch of
brands of media, and see if any brand will work with all
the drives you own. You'll probably end up spending $100
on media, to discover what works and what doesn't work.

I have also read of people preparing disks, only to find
the quality of the disk degrade with time. In other cases,
a newly purchased drive degrades over a matter of two
or three weeks. I guess the low price of drives now, is
a good match for the low quality.

CDFreaks has reviews of drives, and reading these will give
you some idea of what potential a drive has got. You can
also learn about what tools are good to own, to analyse
what is happening with your drives. /

These reviews are "real world" and give you some idea
as to the durability of the drives:

Good luck,

Re: Help me deal with DVD drive errors

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