Help interpreting results using SOYO TechAID POST test card

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The board is in an Ultra Pentium II. It has an Award BIOS with Award
stamped on it. It was used with NT4 in an industrial environment.

The computer was free, of course. It was booting fine until I tried to
install a slave hdd. After that, no boot, no POST. Took the 2nd hdd
out, same thing.

Here are the several symptoms:

1. The standby LED on the SOYO card never comes on though the PS is
plugged into the board (I reseated it) and the power supply is running.

2. I get only the FF code. I see in the book that for common codes, FF,
00 means a CPU issue, and it gives steps for resolving that.

3. However, under specifics for AMI BIOS POST Code Listing it says FF
is "Flash Program successful. BIOS is going to restart. Runtime code is
uncompressed in F000 shadow RAM."

If the problem is #3, what kind of problem is it and what can I do
about it?

PS-This is for a learning experience and if I can get it running I can
use it for a cheap Linux H/W firewall.


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