Help: Improperly Working Hard Drive

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I have a Hewlett Packard Pavilion 7955 and after the drive died, I
installed an old one until I can figure out how to get another working
with the system.

This drive is pretty much useless for anything, and I'm lucky to be
able to connect to the internet, but I don't know for how long.(I had
finally set up another drive in another system, but attempting to
install anti-Virus software made it unusable for the internet).

The old drive I am presently using has Windows98 installed. It was my
brother's drive, so I have see his name on the log in whenever I boot
up. The big problems are below...

A) The drive will not see any other drive connected to the system,
whether it be PATA, SATA, SCSI, or USB. The floppy can be seen in "My
Computer", but I can't of course use it to transfer all the important
stuff I need to take off of the drive before it fails.(And it's acting
as though it can fail anytime.

B) My speakers do not work with it. Since the system it was in
originally had an SB Live! sound card. I tried uninstalling it, but
now on boot up says "PCI device detect failed" "Device not found" "SB
Live! Device Driver Not Loading". And there is no way to get this
driver off of the hard drive. (This motherboard has integrated audio

I cannot find my Windows98 disk, so if it is needed to correct any of
these problems then I guess I'm lost.

The hardware is as follows:
HP Pavilion 7955
512 Ram
Hard Drive: Fujitsu MPD3084AT
Power Supply: Bestec # ATX 1956D 220W
Motherboard: Dublin (Rev. D)
CD Writer and DVD Player(at the end of the same two connector cable).

In the PCI slots it has a graphics card, an ethernet card, and a
firewire/USB. But is seems that USB is also integrated.

These are all devices in "Device Manager", and of course they are "not
working properly" since they were a part of a different system.

!Gameport Joystick
!MPU-401 Compatible
!PCI Ethernet Controller
!PCI Firewire (IEEE 1394)
!PCI ISA Bridge
!PCI Multimedia Audio Device
!PCI Universal Serial Bus
!PCI Universal Serial Bus

But I'm trying to be careful what I get rid of.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.

Re: Improperly Working Hard Drive

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Since the drive came from another machine...
Windows will need to be configured for the new hardware...
so you will have to reinstall all the hardware that comes up as missing or

If you are luck there may be a folder Windows\options\cabs

and if so you can go into the device manager and update the 'unknown'
and point the installer to that folder...

otherwise you will need a win98 cd

Re: Help: Improperly Working Hard Drive

Searcher7 wrote:
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Good god man, scare up an XP installer and reinstall the operating
system that came with your PC.  The product key should be on a sticker
somewhere on the chassis.  You can get drivers here: (assuming the a
US/CAN Pavilion 7955)

If your brother's hard drive is not large enough, or fast enough to
support XP it must be a genuine dinosaur--replace it with an new 80GB
PATA for only $42.

Re: Help: Improperly Working Hard Drive

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On Sat, 21 Feb 2009 14:37:21 -0800 (PST), Searcher7

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Re: Improperly Working Hard Drive

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Don't understand the PCI slots containing firewire, networking card.  Both
are onboard the PC's motherboard.  If this is accurate, the bios may be
having problems negotiating appropriate hardware irqs.  Windows 98 has no
native support for firewire.  I suspect you're running 98SE instead.

There is no SATA or SCSI capability on the PC you're speaking of.

Sound is standard AC97 audio.

The original hard drive was 40GB capacity.

By the time you glean your 98SE OS of inappropriate drivers, you will
probably need the 98SE install CD anyway.

CDOs are how we got here.
A modified version, new taxes in the future, is how Congress will get us

Re: Help: Improperly Working Hard Drive

On Sat, 21 Feb 2009 14:37:21 -0800 (PST), Searcher7

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It seems you have a win98 installation done on  a different
system, different set of hardware.

You will need your windows installation files.  Search the
hard drive for a folder with a lot of *.cab files in it,
they might be on the drive.  Otherwise you'll have to get
the CD, and get all the drivers the system needs and install
them... including USB, Win98 didn't natively support USB

The USB/firewire card was probably not original, you'd get
the chipset markings to ID what driver is needed.  Since you
have internet access working, it appears the network adapter
driver is installed.  Share a folder and use the lan to move
files onto it... but frankly at this point a clean windows
installation may be the easiest route, and if what my brief
google search indicated is correct, that it's roughly a
1.5GHz system, Win2k might be a better OS to use, or XP with
a memory upgrade if you'd do much multitasking on it.  

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