Help: Can't Get Video Card To Install

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I have a Leadtek MB with an onboard graphics card. I'm trying to
install an Nvidia agp card. I've tried a bunch of things, but whenever
I pop the card in and start, the screen is just black. It does boot
because I hear the startup wave playing. I'm running a dual boot of
Win98 and XP. I've tried disableing the onboard card from device
manager but that dosen't work. The CD drivers that came with the board
won't install so I d/l and installed drivers from Asus, makers of the
graphics board. I don't see anything in the bios that looks like it
will disable the onboard card. I uptdated the mb chipset. I noticed
that this video card has no power connection. Don't know what that
means. I'm waiting for Leadtek (motherboard) to call me back. Anyone
know what else I can try? Thanks.

Re: Can't Get Video Card To Install

"Tarkus" wrote:
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Even without drivers installed in the OS, you should still be able to use it
as a generic card, see the BIOS come up, et cetera.  Go into the BIOS and
find a setting called, "Init Video" or something similar (mine is called
"Init Display First", and is in the "Integrated Peripherals" section).  Set
this to "AGP".

When you get into Windows you should be able to install your drivers.


Re: Can't Get Video Card To Install

If you're unable to find the settings Jon recommended in your BIOS, try
putting the new card in, but leaving the monitor connected to the integrated
card.  You should still get video on it.  Then you can install the new
card's drivers and then go into your display settings and make it your
primary card and then choose to not extend your desktop to the integrated

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