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Helloo, am new here and i need some help plz

i got a webcam from friend and i don't have the driver

when i connect it wz the pc , the XP searching 4 the driver and
nothing, it search for generic digitla webcam , i've attached a pic for
the cam so u can help me , it have no information i can tell u to help ,
just pic and i hope u can help me .  

thnx alot

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|Download: /attachment.php?attachmentid=6                           |

Re: Hello, am new here

drumman wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you want to show us a picture, load it up here. Your attachment
did not come through. There are several sites that offer free web
hosting for images, and this is just one of them.

http://www.imageshack.us /

If the web camera has a USB interface, plug in the camera and try this
program (UVCview.exe) from Microsoft. Downloads are on the right hand
side of this page.


For example, when I plug in my USB mouse, this is the info shown

idVendor:                        0x046D = Logitech Inc.
idProduct:                       0xC01A

Once you have the VID\PID code, like the two hexidecimal numbers in the
above example, you can try to find reference to it with a search engine.


So rather than posting a picture, please start by posting the information
available in UVCView. At least post the idVendor and idProduct fields.

If the camera is connected with something other than USB, please indicate
how you plug it in.


Re: Hello, am new here

On Mon, 24 Sep 2007 16:29:35 -0500, drumman

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Hello, this is not a binary group, no attachments are
allowed.  If you upload your picture to a server of some
sort and link to that here then someone might see it.

Look at the markings on the webcam, especially the label,
and Google search for the manufacturer and model #... then
you can go to that manufacturer's website and get a driver,

Re: Hello, am new here

drumman wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Go to the manufacturer's website for a driver. If the webcam is
unmarked, throw it out.

Re: Hello, am new here

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You are posting in a forum that operates a gateway to Usenet to
pretend that they have a larger userbase.  That means you will need to
familiarize yourself with Usenet - but then you could post directly to
Usenet rather than to that undersized forum with delusions of

This (where your post was seen by me and many others) is Usenet, not a
prattling chat room.  Don't use prattlespeak shorthand here.  If you
have the time to post, you have the time to write like an adult.  No
picture was attached to your post as it was copied from your forum to
a Usenet newsgroup perhaps as a safety precaution by your forum's
gateway.  More likely is that the NNTP server to which you gateway
refuses to accept binaries to a non-binary newsgroup.  This is not a
binary newsgroup.

Even you could write enough in your post to identify maker and model.
Read the following on how to post:


So you got a webcam.  Are you saying that it has no identifying label
to note the manufacturer and model?  If so, ask your friend as to who
made the driver when they had the old webcam.  The reason your
"friend" could not give you the driver is why?  If your "friend"
refuses to provide the driver and any software for the webcam, perhaps
you should update your friends list to note this particular friend
likes to dump junkware on you.  You could always toss the old,
unmarked, driverless webcam.  You won't end up losing anything that
you didn't have before and cannot use now.

You are telling us that you have never heard of Google or any other
search engine?  What happened when you tried searching on "+free
+drivers" (although including the brand and model would help greatly)?
Since you do not directly post to Usenet and need to use a forum
pretending to be larger than it is, perhaps you have never heard of
Google.  Go to http://www.google.com as a starting point and read
their help pages.

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