Heating problem with IE?

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From some time I notice that when I enter Internet Explorer the cooling fan
starts, sometimes just after clicking on IEs icon, sometimes after I have
opened some number of pages the fan speeds up with a scaring noise - could
it be caused by updating IE to release 8.0?
Opening the task manager I see IE occupying huge memory areas, tenths of MB;
when I close some page often the fan slows down immediately
someone can help?
il barbi

Re: Heating problem with IE?

On 2/26/2010 10:27 AM, il barbi wrote:
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The memory used should have no effect on the fan speed however the CPU
usage certainly does. If the computer is essentially idle and if it has
automatic control of the fan speed then the fan may be barely turning over.
Under those circumstances, putting any sort of load on the CPU will cause
heat and heat will cause the fan to speed up. Certainly nothing I'd worry
about unless the fan suddenly starts to sound like a Hoover.

Re: Heating problem with IE?

il barbi wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Open Task Manager and check the CPU usage of all the processes in the list.


Is IE using 100% ? On my machine here, Internet Explorer is listed in
Task Manager as "iexplore.exe". And ignore the value of the "System Idle
as it shows you the leftovers, the cycles not being used by anything else.

If "iexplore.exe" has high CPU usage, that would explain why the fan
has speeded up. Then, you have to figure out why iexplore.exe is going
nuts. It could be a malware problem for example.


Re: Heating problem with IE?

Blow the dust and dirt out of your CPU heat sink. It will not get as hot and
the fan will run slower.

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