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The type of header connectors commonly used to plug USB and front panel  
stuff to a motherboard is here:


Does anyone know what they call that little plastic pins that can be  
snapped into one of those connectors to "key" or block off one hole on  
the connector?

Or better yet, where I can buy them?


Re: Header Connector "Key"

Grinder wrote:

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The USB header connectors (cable end) that I've seen already are keyed.
That is, their plastic shell around the female pins already has pin 10
filled (as the key).


That filled hole isn't plugged with an insert.  The shell is molded that
way.  They "keying" is done on the female end (the connector on the
cable).  That means those male header pins you showed in your link needs
to have the 10th one busted off (solder it in and then bend back and
forth to break it off).  Make sure you break off the correct pin so you
don't have to unsolder to replace the header pin block.

Re: Header Connector "Key"

Grinder wrote:
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As found on this page.



I think there's enough material on the "blunt" end,
so you can use an Xacto knife to pull it back out again.
It's probably not a completely flush finish (like a molded
one would be).


Re: Header Connector "Key"

On 10/2/2013 12:18 AM, Paul wrote:
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Great, thanks.  I had used some harvested from salvage, but I'm out now.  
  The pop out nicely when a paperclip is pushed in from behind.

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