HDD writes slowly

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Hi - I have a 120GB Samsung drive which writes very slowly (max 3MB/s).
 Read speeds are normal.  Could this be a hardware fault?  From the
software point of view, I have checked the current transfer mode is
Ultra DMA mode 5. What other software problems could cause this?

Thanks, Jim

Re: HDD writes slowly

check if you have bended pins on HDD, replace 80 pin cable, try on another

Alan Kakareka
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Re: HDD writes slowly

Almost same problem here.

I have a 250 GB WD Caviar that reads and writes about that speed.  
I checked the pins and they're not bent, but I did just notice that I
have a jumper stating the drive is set as master, but I was using it
on a cable-select cable (80 pin).  It was on the second IDE channel
and I think I had the BIOS set at Master also.

Because it was so slow, I bought a 300 GB WD Caviar SATAII drive and
got a SATAII card.  Now I'm up at 60 to 80 MB/sec.  Nowhere near the
advertised 300 MBps, but it's still 20 times faster than what I had
and it's 50 % faster than the two 120 GB IDE drives I have installed.

Anyone wanna buy a WD 250 GB HD cheap?

The reason I tell you this is that maybe you have a Master/Slave and
Bios problem, even thought I doubt that's what my problem was.  Just
something to double check on your machine.

Good luck.
On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 13:57:30 -0400, "Alan Kakareka"

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Re: HDD writes slowly

Do you have write behind caching enabled on that drive? Are you
running an intel chipset

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