HD upgrade for IBM ThinkPad 1460?

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I have an IBM ThinkPad 1460 that a friend gave me.  I want to put a
bigger HD in it.  Is that even possible?  I tried to remove what I
think is the HD cover (on the back above the external monitor port)
and it wouldn't open.  I didn't try to force it.  Is the HD
replaceable for this computer?

Thanks very much.

Re: HD upgrade for IBM ThinkPad 1460?

Dave Smith wrote:
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I would be shocked if you could not replace the drive *in any way.*
It's possible that some sort of proprietary bit makes it too expensive
to bother with, but indications are that the laptop uses a standard 2.5"
IDE drive.

This service manual might be for your laptop:

"FRU Removals and Replacements" has a section on HDDs.  The organization
of that document is a bit weird.  As always, make sure that any
instructions match the hardware you're working on, and that you know the
limit of your expertise.

First, figure out if you can get to the existing hard drive.  Then, you
can be confident that any replacement is mechanically and electrically

One consideration that may be a bit hard to gauge, though, is heat
output.  If the new drive runs hotter than the old one, that could
present a problem.  How large of a drive is currently in the machine?

Re: HD upgrade for IBM ThinkPad 1460?


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Ah.  Thanks very much.  It looks from this that the access is not
where I thought it was.  It has a three gig HD partitioned into C/=1gb
and D/=2gb.  I'd like to install XP on it and use it for webcamming.

I wonder if newer HDs would run cooler than the older ones?  This
machine was bought in 2000.

Re: HD upgrade for IBM ThinkPad 1460?

On Fri, 25 Apr 2008 06:39:56 -0700, Dave Smith

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XP license issues aside, it seems like a bit of a power
waste and large bit of gear to have just to run a webcam,
when today there are wifi and ethernet cams.  

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Why would this be a concern?  Did you have evidence the old
hard drive was overheating or even running hot?  It is
possible a new drive would run slightly cooler, but the
difference shouldn't be significant.  Why bother with a new
hard drive for an old laptop only used for webcamming?
Frankly if you want to go this route I would sooner get a
4GB, SLC chipped (CF4.0 spec'd), Compact Flash card and an
adapter somewhat like the following and run XP from that
(disabling pagefile).


Of course such an adapter may require insulation, like
putting a thin sheet of cardboard or plastic down if the
laptop drive bay area has metal areas that might contact the

It will definitely run cooler, use less power, be silent and
more reliable providing it uses SLC flash chips so it has a
much higher write cycle capability.  XP can be installed
onto less than 4GB but that gives some margin while still
being small enough to not be an excessive expense for an old

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