HD "sector repair failures"

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I recently installed an internal  Maxtor sata 250 gig HD.
I saved data to it, and started to back it up and got some error warnings.
I then ran chkdsk and it found some problems and chkdsk repaired them.
I then backed it up with no problems.

Then, I ran SeaTools for DOS "long test" on it, and got "2 errors".
These were "bad sectors" and when the program tried to repair them it
resulted in "sector repair failures".

My question is whether this HD should be returned, or whether this is no
big deal and the HD is reliable.


Re: HD "sector repair failures"

Depending on the warranty from the retailer and the amount of data you
already saved in it...

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Re: HD "sector repair failures"

kenw56 wrote:

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I'd exchange it if I could get a brand new drive in the process
because that drive may have been dropped.  But if it's a used drive
and all you can do is exchange it for another used drive, I'd try
erasing the whole drive or running HDAT2's read-rewrite test (may be
able to save almost all the data).  Then run a diagnostic for several
hours to see if it uncovers more bad sectors, in which case you don't
want the drive.  I'd try the MHDD diagnostic because it can report
marginal sectors that other tests will merely say are OK.

Re: HD "sector repair failures"

On 23/03/2012 20:14, kenw56 wrote:
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Assuming a new drive, definitely return it.
Sectors which can't be repaired indicate a serious problem and
a faulty drive.  It may indeed get worse if you continue to use it.
Make a note of the SeaTools error code in case the supplier asks
for it.  Don't let them fob you off - accept replacement or money
back only.


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