Having probelems with my computer

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not a big computer person as far as fixing them goes.basically the story is
my friend was an asshole and screwed up my computer, now when i go to use my
computer it doesnt let me on. it goes to blue screen and it says a sequence
of numbers and then INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. After that it says to check my
computer for virses even though at this screen it wont let me to do it and
then it also says to remove any new hard drive and controllers, then to check
for hard drive corruption which i dont know how to do and then to restart. so
if anybody can help me on the matter please reply. and if it helps to know it
... my friend had gotten spyware quake onto my computer and some other virus
that is in my system 32 file somewhere that my nortons antivirus couldnt

Re: Having probelems with my computer

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[ snip ]

That's it for you.  Foul language has no place in this group.

-- Bob Day

Re: Having probelems with my computer

rob12343 wrote:
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Do you have your Windows install CD handy? Boot from it, when it asks
you to repair, say yes, eventually you want to go to the recovery
console. Once there type

chkdsk c: /r

If it turns up physical damage (bad sectors) you'll have to replace the

If not, reboot

If you still get the message, you'll have to reinstall windows.

Given the virus situation on your computer, a reinstall may be in order

Re: Having probelems with my computer


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Regardless of whether that friend was an asshole or not,
it'd be a bit more useful to know exactly what was done to
the system- at least as much info as you can provide.  For
example, was it some hardware setting, or did s/he kick the
case, or ???

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So I guess it has an operating system on it.
Are you going to tell us what parts are in this system?  It
would seem good to do so since this is a hardware newsgroup.
If your only problem is windows won't finish booting and
your friend didn't do anything to the hardware, only
software foul-up somehow, then there might be a windows
newsgroup somewhere that is better equipped to find your

We need some idea of what might've happened though, was the
system opened and friend was inside?  Was this a malicious
attack or accidental?

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Had you or your friend made any drive or controller changes?
If not, you shouldn't need to change them now- it'd probably
be software related.  Was your friend fiddling around in the
bios menus?

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If your system is still infected with viri, you should

A)  Pop in an antivirus boot floppy or CD and scan the
system, NOT trying to boot windows (important!) and
especially not booting windows with a working internet
connection (else that virus might invite all it's friends
and your OS will be a PITA to clean/fix, if it's then
reasonable to do it at all.

B)  Pull the drive out, put into another windows system (2K
or XP if NTFS formatted) and (being SURE that other system
is set to boot it's original drive still, NOT your infected
drive), then from the other system, thoroughly scan the hard
drive with everything you can find, and do the other typical
disinfection things like looking at file creation and
modified dates, startup entries, and when you find things,
note what they were so you can later research the extent
those things change the system.

Re: Having probelems with my computer

rob12343 wrote:
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Sure hope you backed all your data up. I'm not sure youve got the
skills to fix it tbh.


Re: Having probelems with my computer

It basically sounds like your harddrive is non-recoverable due to viruses,
OS file corruption, etc.  About all you can do is to Reformat the harddrive
and do a fresh installation of XP and your software.  You do have your data
files backed up elsewhere, don't you?


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