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Can someone recommend what I might do for 'hardware security'.
I'm moving into some new offices for my business.
And want to lock down my PCs so that people can't just walk in and take
hardware and walk out with it.      : (

Erm... OK... I'm not expecting there to be a Fort Knox solution, but
rather have something that will take a good 10 - 15 minutes to take off
before being able to take the PC (or monitor).

Links to retailers, if any, would be appreciated.



Re: Hardware security.

OM wrote:
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Many computers (Dells, Emachines, Compaqs) have a ring on them on the
back, or a square bit of metal with a hole in it. This is there so you
can run a cable through it with a padlock on it to secure it to the
desk. It wont stop anyone who is serious about it and who brings a pair
of cutters with them, but it will prevent the casual walk off thief.
The odds are you computer already has one on it. Doesn't take "10-15
minutes" to defeat if they bring the right tools with them, but most
people wont.

If it doesn't have such a hole but has a panel on it that you can
remove, you can create one fairly easily.  Just take off the panel and
carefully put it into a vice with a block of wood behind it where you
will be drilling (taking note not to crush the tabs that lock the panel
into the case). Drill a hole in it big enough for your wire & lock to
make it through, and take a file and remove any rough edges from it. (An
easy way is to drill it out one side, flip it over and take the burs off
with the drill bit, or the next larger size drill bit.) You can find
find vinyl coated wire at pretty much any hardware store in the USA, all
that is needed is to make loops for it and lock it into place or buy one
of those rings in the shape of an "8" that you thread both wires through
and crimp.


Re: Hardware security.

OM wrote:
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Timbertea's suggestion is the best way to stop an opportunist from
grabbing the box and running.

You could go even further, depending on how willing you are to drill
holes in your case, desk and/or floor. I've seen flat metal straps that
go over the top of a PC case and bolt onto the floor or desk. The straps
are also bolted to the case. Of course you can't move the case around on
the desk once you do something like this, maybe it's overkill for your
Sorry I've no idea of a URL for these, you could always make some if you
can't find any and had the time...

Re: Hardware security.

aleX wrote:
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Plenty of companies sell things like this:

Most of those are epoxy stick ons that you run the cable through.


http://www.pcguardiananti-theft.com /

...Plenty of companies make solutions for you if you want a ready made.

They even make trays that you *bolt the pc case into* for desktops and
point of sale systems.  It is pretty much limited to how much money do
you want to spend.  All of these systems are really only effective
against casual opportunist types. If someone is there who wants it and
has time and tools they can beat almost anything you throw out - or just
as bad - smash it so it doesn't work.  I do understand that some
situations the data leaving the building could be a huge liability and
for that you want to take special precations.


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