Hardware performance

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always hear that how powerful of the computer.  it can process so many
transactions (brillion)

how can i calculate it in my server and pc?

is it just simply a plus or minus formalu? can i do it by vb script?  Thanks
a lot.


Re: Hardware performance

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Yes. Take the powerfulness of the processor and plus it a brillion times
and then minus it the manyness of seconds and count the minusing and plus
that with the megahurts. This formalu avoids all that nasty timesing and
guzintooing which vb script (and computers in general) isn't the goodest


Re: Hardware performance

Write a program that you can boot into that only does fixed/floating point
operations.  Do 2^32-1  of them and time how long it takes the computer to
do it.  Better yet, build that into the program.  Divide (2^32-1) by this
number of seconds to get the speed rating.  There probably is a program that
already does this and much more, let me know if you find it.

---Matthew Hicks

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Re: Hardware performance

Or go to this site and download benchmarks like Futuremark's 3Dmark
Aquamark, sissandra...
http://www.majorgeeks.com /

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