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I have a problem with a PIV on P5GD1, Matrix Raid, GF 6800 SLI, 512 RAM
(fast Geil), Win XP Home. It tends to freeze or slow drastically for a
very short time once in about 15 seconds. It can be very well observed
when playing games. It's annoying and I have no idea where to start
looking for the cause. It happened on different windows versions.

Is there any test or something like that to see what is the cause? For
example monitoring HDD, CPU, RAM speeds under stress?

Thank you in advance


Re: Hardware issue

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 21:31:46 +0100, Pytacz

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Check your bios for hardware monitor type settings.  These
are the most likely cause.  If you have a hardware monitor
software installed, temporarily disable or close it, and if
problem still persists, temporarily uninstall it.

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You can open Task Manager and look at the statistics for
what's running.   I'd focus more on bios settings for the
time being.

Re: Hardware issue

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Do you mean the section "Hardware Monitor" in BIOS, taht shows the
CPU/MB temperatures? There is no additional hardware monitoring software


Re: Hardware issue

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006 18:11:48 +0100, Pytacz

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Flip through all the bios menu pages, any kind of feedback
or hardware polling settings would be suspect. Not knowing
exactly what is listed in your bios I can only give vague

Re: Hardware issue

Are you by any chance using a borderline underpowered or unstable (cheap)
power supply unit?  That's one possiblity.


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