Harddrive repair

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last night
i replaced the main drive on a friend's machine
and preformed a clean install of XP.

to be on the safe side i disconnected the auxiliary drives
and hooked them back up after the installtion was complete...
unfortunately the machine did not detect one of the auxiliary drives!

i removed it from the machine and inspected the electronics carefully with a
magnifying glass and discovered that one end of a smt capacitor was no
soldered to the board...it was raised slightly!

after very carfully resoldering it with my "pencil" soldering iron...
to my amazement the thing worked...(though i don't know how well i soldered

although i plan to replace the drive with a new one...
i'm wondering if i might have bumped the drive...even though nothing
was mounted near it...
what are the chances that it could have been a poor solder joint from the

i always take a lot of care when i work on machines...
 i can't see how i could have bumped it ...but it sure looks like i must

what i'd like to do is find some type of soldering iron specifically
for soldering smt's so i can use the drive as a spare...

has any one else ever managed to 'repair' a harddrive?

Re: Harddrive repair

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thanks for the info...
i used repair circuit boards...but that was 20 years ago...
so even though i have worked on a few smt's...they were either
a big bigger back then or mybe just my eyes were better!
anyway...i was sure nervous working on that thing...
but figure that if i can get a good solder joint...
then (at least for my own use) i can keep using that drive around the shop

Re: Harddrive repair

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Yes we have repaired many, we use Weller WS81 temperature controlled pencil
irons and (LMP) Low Melting Point solder so  nothing else is disturbed by
the heat.

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