Harddisk detected but does not appear in Windows Explorer

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I have just installed a new SATA harddisk as a single Raid 0 and have also
installed the previous IDE harddisk as a slave on the primary IDE.

When I boot-up Windows XP both harddisks are detected but only the SATA
appears in Windows Explorer.

I have checked the Device Manager and the IDE drive is listed. I have tried
to populate the volume but it comes up as unreadable.

The IDE drive does not appear under Disk Management (under Computer

What can I do to be able to read this drive in Windows Explorer?



Re: Harddisk detected but does not appear in Windows Explorer

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What is the master on the primary IDE?

You can't have a slave on a channel that doesn't have a master.  Slave means
it uses some of the master's circuitry.  The IDE/PATA channel and the SATA
channel are two different connections, not master and slave to one another.

Alternately, you might have moved an optical drive -- CD or DVD -- from the
slave to the master position on the cable and have both that and the IDE
drive jumpered as "slave" or both as "master."  That would do what you're
looking at.

I can imagine someone changing the jumper from "master" to "slave" thinking
to keep it from being the first boot priority.  Actually, that would be done
somewhere else, in BIOS SETUP.

But I can't really tell whether it applies or not from here.

A drive you have removed or that is no longer correctly connected may still
show up in Device Manager because virtual devices used by Windows to
represent the drive, rather than the physical drive itself, are listed
there.  If it doesn't disappear after booting a few times, you might have to
remove the entry manually.  Right click on the entry and select "remove"
(might not be that exact word)  from the menu that appears. You can do this
fearlessly.  If the drive is actually connected, it will reappear after you


Re: Harddisk detected but does not appear in Windows Explorer

Thanks - I set the IDE to Master and also set the bios to start-up with the
SATA drive. This allowed me to see one of the IDE drives but not the other.
I think it is a hardware issue with the second drive.

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Re: Harddisk detected but does not appear in Windows Explorer

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So now you have two drives on the primary IDE channel?  You only mentioned
one in your original post.  Not a problem, of course, as long as either [one
is master and one is slave] or [both are set to cable select].  Also, check
the diagram on the drive, because most drives follow a simple pattern of
three places to put the jumper, but some have a different arrangement. With
no jumpers at all, for instance, some drives are solo and others are slave.
Some WD drives are solo with the jumper on the left pair of pins, and need
another jumper set sideways to work as master and enable a slave.

I do have a 3GB WD hard drive from an emachines computer I bought used,
which works fine solo but not as master or slave to another drive; so a
hardware problem is a possibility.

Have you tried setting up the other drive on your secondary IDE channel?
I'm not assuming it's available, since a lot of machines these days have a
DVD-ROM and CD-RW set up on that channel, but temporarily putting it there
might tell you if the drive is working correctly.

Again, really can't tell from here; play with it and see if any suggestions


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