Hard drives????????????????

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I have two hard drives, only one of which works.
One is a Maxtor 160gb DaimondMax Plus 9
One is a Maxtor 80gb DiamondMax 10.

My MB is an Asus K8v.

The problem is, that the 80 gb drive works and the 160gb one doesn't
(although it used to).  Both are pretty new.
I think the 160 must be defective, am I right?  When I try to format it I
get a message saying that it cannot be done.
Are there any other checks I can do?  I have tried the Maxtor diagnostic
software but that doesn't see either drives.
Has anyone got any other ideas?

Re: Hard drives????????????????

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Sounds klind of screwy if your maxtor diag software cant see both and
yet the 80 gig works.

Are they SATA or PATA?

Try disconnecting the 80 gig and hooking up the 160 to the same cable
the 80 gig was on and power cable. Boot up and see if it comes up in

Re: Hard drives????????????????

Thanks for the reply John
I have tried using the same cables and using different ones.
They are SATA drives.
The Maxtor software says something about not working on RAID , the quote is:

 "PowerMax v 4.21 will not detect ATA or SATA hard disks connected to
embedded, or add in RAID controllers, NVIDIA Force 3, Force 4, VIA KT 600
and KT 800 chipsets."

I confess that I dont know what this means.
Thanks for helping

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Re: Hard drives????????????????

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It means that it doesnt work with RAID controllers.  In the past they
used to have the basic/main controllers that connected to the hard
disks and then they would add on another controller to add more hard
disks and many had RAID features. These needed special drivers to work
with the hard dsik  so many utils that bootup and worked directky with
the controllers may not work cause they dont have the drivers that
work with the controller.

I thought they fixed this cause you used to have to always have the
drivers ready with these type controllers when installing WINDOWS
cause WIN couldnt use the add on /RAID controllers unless it had the
drivers too obviously so you had to have them ready when installing
WIN from the start.

However recently theyve worked so MS must have added some generic ones
or a lot of the common drivers or something.

Anyway obviously yours dont work.

They recommend moving your SATA drives to a controller thats not an
add on RAID controller.

I noticed on the ASUS MB they list 2 SATA connections and 2 ATA
connections and 2 RAID. Sometimes when they say RAID they mean the 2
are also raid.  Meaning you only 2 SATA connections which can also be
raided. However does it mean that?

Do you have only have 2 sata connections? Or 4?
If you have 4 then it probably means 2 dont have the RAID capability
and 2 do. If thats the case move the disks to the 2 that dont have the
RAID capability and make sure all the connections show up in your bios
screen sometimes you can turn controllers off and on in the bios

If you dont they recommend testing it in another PC that does have
that capability - to use POWERMAX through the SATA connections. Be
sure to have the latest POWER MAX version too from the website.

When you switched cables did you leave it on the same channel? Just to
make sure. And does the dead HD spin?

If you can get anything out of it by swiching cables and using the
same power cord and channel AND you cant switch it a controller that
works with POWER MAX then I guess your only recourse is to send it
back to MAXTOR.

I guess one possible way would be to buy a SATA to IDE converter and
use the SATA HD on the ATA connection if there is such a thing and if
itll work with POWERMAX. I use PATA HDs with converters on my SATA
connections .

Re: Hard drives????????????????

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partition the 160gb drive into 2 x 80gb partitions then try formatting both

Re: Hard drives????????????????

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and if they're on the same cable try checking th jumper settings on both
use master/slave settings NOT cable select.

Re: Hard drives????????????????

Hard drive failures, though rare, do occur.  That's why I run RAID 1.

That said, I don't know what you did to it with the "Maxtor"

Maxtors run hot, I hope you had a cooling fan on them, or now is the

Pull all of it's cables out on it, and the motherboard; then plug them
all back in.

It sounds like you may have an IDE cable twisted.  Check to make sure
the top slot in the hard drive socket, shares the tab on the cable.
Make sure your power plug is tight.

If all this fails, call Maxtor.

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