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My family recently had to send their desktop PC back to the
manufacturers (a small/medium sized OEM) with a hardware fault. They
returned it claiming that they could find no fault, so I'm trying to
get some information on what they used to test the machine and on a
couple of odd statements in their "test report".

One odd statement in the report is "Ran Hard Drive Pro which reports
94% Health Status and 100% Efficiency." (The hard drive is a Western
Digital HDD, by the way.). I find this rather odd for two reasons:

1.) The only products called "Hard Drive Pro" I can find by googling
are not hard drive diagnostic products. I can't find one that could
correspond to this.

2.) This bit about "94% Health Status". The company did not respond to
my request that they explain this odd statistic, so I have no idea how
to interpret the missing 6%, or how to square the fact that this is
not 100% health with the general "There are absolutely no hardware
problems" tone of their report.

Hope someone can shed some light on this.


James McLaughlin.

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