Hard Drive Overheating

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What causes a hard drive to overheat?


Re: Hard Drive Overheating

On Mon, 18 Apr 2005 02:11:42 GMT, "Leroy McGrew"

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Lack of airflow usually, or rarely a bad component, maybe
overly high input voltage.

What makes you suspect overheating?

Re: Hard Drive Overheating


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Hard drives run fairly hot nowadays. Or at least they feel hot
compared to the 5400 rpms i used to have.  Stuff like HD thermometer
and SpeedFan and other progs that can get SMART info gives some sort
temp reading.  

I got some very high readings with certain kinds of activities like
some compression /decompression progs and strangely a SMART program I
installed made the HD light go on ALL the time and the temps really
shoot up so I had to take that one off. Speedfan seems to work OK.

One thing you have to do is leave some space around the HDs like 1/2
inch or more. Dont stack them directly on top of other things. Also,
look at the flow through the case --- is the case super small and
cramped? Do a ton of huge cables block the air flow? Do you have
enough fans?  Also a HD cooler helps a lot. You can get them anywhere.
Compusa has the Maddog tray cooler for $10. Theres a lot of others who
make the same thing. Its a tray that fits underneath the HD and has
two small fans built into the tray.  The problem with this is you have
to have a lot of space below it or you cant install it.

Theres also the the front 5.25 inch faceplate for a slot that has two
built in fans in it. Thats about 10 bucks too at compusa.

Ive also seen expensive case looking things that wrap around the HD
and has fans in it.


Re: Hard Drive Overheating

Lack of air space around the drive, and lack of adequate case cooling by


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