Hard drive noise

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I have an infamous IBM Deathstar (an rma actually)

It has an intermittent high pitched whining sound that last for a few tens
of seconds then disappears for minutes, or hours.

SMART doesn't show anything wrong with it. I had a Seagate drive that did
the same thing for a while, then stopped doing it and has worked fine since.
I'm assuming it's the bearings, or some sort of resonance.

Is this a real cause for concern? Anyweird sounds from a hdd are I guess,
but some more so.

I know this's a pretty general group, couldn't find a more specific one.


Re: Hard drive noise

"Robert Murphy" <okami1,westnet,com,au> wrote in message
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Do Backup your Important data Regularly. Just in case. Much better sake than
sorry. best wishes..J

Re: Hard drive noise

On Sat, 11 Jun 2005 00:19:05 +1000, "Robert Murphy"
<okami1,westnet,com,au> wrote:

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Backup the data
Run the manufacturer's diagnostics

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If it continues doing it, check the case and drive screw
tightness for resonation potential, and if nothing else is
wrong then take the drive out and see if noise persists
lying on a desk.

If the data or uptime is important, just replace it now...
not worth the hassle for a drive this questionable and now

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