Hard drive master boot record corrupt

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I am starting to really stress out... I have an external USB hard drive onto
which i keep all of my files. I had a couple of partitions on it. One of the
partitions was a linux partition, onto which linux OS was installed and was
formatted in linux FS.

Since i no longer needed the linux partition and needed more space of my
main NTFS partition, i decided to stretch out my first partition using
partition magic.

I lauchned the operation, but my system froze in the middle of the

After a reboot:  cannot acces my external drive anymore!!!!! it says my MBR
is corrupt......

I tried a bunch of MBR repair freeware, but no luck so far.

What do you guys think i should do? Any recommendations? Do you reckon i'll
be able to recover my files? I've got all of my work archives on there.....
it is extremely, EXTREMELY important that i recover the contents of the

thank your for your help....

Re: Hard drive master boot record corrupt

Wonder have you had a look here-:
http://www.shareseek.com/soft/s9367.html note that this is for NTFS
format, whether there is anything better I can't say, there is always
the option of trying the data recovery firms if you have no success.


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