hard drive keeps failing

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hi there
I have a two computers and the other machine which I generally use for
visualisations and rendering and artistic things as well as gaming and
watching dvds on. I have a 40gb drive that has windows on it and a
second drive which is 80gb but it fails sometimes when I boot up saying
"delayed write fail F:$MFt". Does this mean that soon the drive won't
boot at all ?
Often when this happens I reboot in safe mode and then reboot to normal
mode and it works again. But sometimes I have had to reboot it about
6-8 times before it would start working.

Previously to it been the second hard drive, it was originally my
primary drive but it became corrupted and wouldn't boot windows so i
got a new drive and used as a secondary drive, do you think this action
might have any relevance to what I am experiencing now ?

any advice would be most appreaciated

Re: hard drive keeps failing

samzen06@googlemail.com wrote:
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Yes, its very likely the drive has a fault.

Post the Everest SMART data for the drive.

Re: hard drive keeps failing

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Go to the disk drive manufacturer's web site and download
their diagnostic program. Boot with the diagnostic and
run it on the drive. That will give you a quick idea of
whether it is bad or not.


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