hard drive is freezing

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A friend of mine has a pc that's not booting, so I took out the HD and
connected it to my PC, using a special USB cable, and my PC says it
found the new hardware, even shows the correct name and model number
when it pops up the little balloon in the systray. But then when I try
to open file explorer, or my computer, or anything at all, my computer
is virtually frozen, mouse will move around but programs or folders
won't open, graphics get stuck on the screen instead of clearing,
things like that.
I know that this probably means the HD is past it's prime, but what
exactly is going on? If the HD is failed why does my PC even find it,
and why can't it give up trying to access it? When I pull the USB
cable out, my PC comes back to life instantly.

Re: hard drive is freezing

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Try running chkdisk or HD diagnostics on it.

Re: hard drive is freezing

Does this HD make noises ?? of any activity at all ??
If it is suspect for hard ware fail..try giving it a generous 'tap' or 2
...might shack something into activity.
Have a VERY close look at it to see any dirt / damage to the electronics &
connect pins.
Is the cable connecting properly into it ?
Try opening your Device Manager ...Hardware to see the things details
You might try opening an Commend Prompt window switching to that drive &
doing a DIR

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