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Re: Hard drive - internal or external?

"John" wrote:
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    Right.  That's what a laptop is about - mobility.  But for backups,
which are usually done at home or at the office, bulikiness is OK.
With my external 320GB hard drive, I can store 2 entire clones of
my laptop's 160GB hard drive.  Actually more, since my laptop
doesn't use anywhere near the full 160GBs and my cloning software
knows where the data ends.  Actually, I don't think anyone suggested
in this thread that the external hard drive be carried about wherever
the laptop was taken, but that the external hard drive would be used
for archiving or for storage of infrequently used large data files.


Re: Hard drive - internal or external?

| On Sat, 29 Nov 2008 19:28:46 -0800, "Timothy Daniels"
| >"John" wrote:
| >> I believe internal drives are cheaper for the same type of drives.
| >> Eg.. If you wanted a 1TB internal SATA drive wouldn't this be cheaper
| >> than a 1TB eSATA drive?
| >
| >    The last time I looked, 3.5" SATA dekstop drives were cheaper
| >than their laptop counterparts, byte-for-byte.  That's the point:  Use
| >a desktop drive for external laptop storage.
| >
| >*TimDaniels*
| I wouldn't mind having a small notebook to take with me wherever. I'd
| only want one that was quite small though with a screen size between
| something like 8 to 11 inches max. I think I'd only use it as a
| synchronised mobile offspring to my main tower system though. With a
| notebook I'd just want that one thing for when I'm using it for its
| purpose of being mobile and "out and about" not to have to lug around
| a bunch of peripherals for it as well.
| John
You mean like this:

Re: Hard drive - internal or external?

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If size, weight and the need in an extra power supply are OK - then yes.

External enclosures with laptop-size drives are usually fed off USB and =
do not require extra PSU.

Maxim S. Shatskih
Windows DDK MVP

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