Hard Drive Compatibility

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Hi -

 I have both a T41 and T43. The T41 Motherboard seems to have gone bad
so I want to take the
Harddrive and replace the existing T43 Harddrive (It is very new no
data I need).

  I took out both the T41 & T43 HD - put the T41 in the casing of the
T43 (which is slightly different from the T41) and then installed in
into the T43.

  Upon booting the T43 (now with the T41 HD) - First the Powon
Password logon came on as usual - I put in my password - and then
several messages came up - basically saying by using a different HD -
there may be compatibility issues which could even destroy data. It
mentioned going into the BIOS and/or might needing firmware to insure
compatibility - but only as "pssibilities". In other words - the new
disk might work fine - but do so at your own risk.

  Can anyone tell me if anything needs to be changed/modified/updated
prior to completely starting the T43 using the T41 HD? If so, any info
on exactly what needs to be done would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanks so much...


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