Hard drive back up and replacement

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I have recently converted from the dark side (mac) and need some
advice. My hard drive is on the verge of going out and I was
wondering what
would be the best way to back up drive. I'm not sure
if Windows is like Mac OSX
where I can transfer the entire drive on
to a new disc.

Your pearls of wisdom
are greatly appreciated.

Re: Hard drive back up and replacement

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If you want the data, install a new drive as master (C), load the OS + SP2.
Install your old drive as slave and transfer over the data files (drag and

If you want to clone your C then I can only recommend Acronis True Image as
it works for me. You will need a slave or external drive to copy to mind.
(using CDs to back to is another option but a pain)


Re: Hard drive back up and replacement

On Sat, 21 May 2005 02:26:05 -0500,
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First of all, it may be prudent to not use the drive at all,
physically unplug it from system & board until the next
(first) opportunity to copy off the data.  As with any
system, drives failures can seem gradual then suddenly
nose-dive into a completely unreadable drive upon next
power-up, or a failure to boot if certain OS files are lost.

One alternative might be buying the new drive, running the
(new drive) manufacturer's utility floppy/CD and choosing to
dupe the old drive to the new.  Then when finished,
disconnect the old drive and place new in same drive
controller position the other had.  There are other
alternatives that are more involved but without expressed
need for them you might as well go the simple route.

Re: Hard drive back up and replacement

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wstrach@yahoo-dot-com.no-spam.invalid (wstrach) wrote :

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A few possibilities :)

1:When you buy a new hard drive you can just buy OEM but then go to
the maker's site and get free software for copying/backing up the
drive to another one.

2:You can upload your data to a secure Web based storage
facility.There are quite a few about and still some free ones.

3:As per other posts you could burn Data to CDR/DVD/R :)

You can place the hard drive in a sealed plastic bag and leave in the
deep freeze over night.This is an old trick that can keep the drive
going long enough to get data off should it be that bad.

Also before doing any of the above run a low level hardware


will work on virtually any drive make even though it's made

HTH :)

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