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I swear I should just give up on computers.  I had to find a
workaround for my HP laptop since the power supply wouldn't work given
the cheap connector, so I bought a media cable a few months ago, and
that worked.  Then the motherboard died, which I can't afford to
replace.  Then, the hard drive on my desktop went and after spending
$300 I could ill afford, Best Buy came up with nothing but stuff on my
desktop and a few documents going back two and three years.  They tell
me there's a place they can recommend that has the right tools to
retrieve the data, but it costs anywhere from $1,200 to several
thousands of dollars.  I can't afford that.  I'm still catching up on
bills from a bout with cancer and as a divorced mom with one teen in
h.s. and one in college, I can't sink even another penny into this.  

I take full responsibility for not backing up important work, but when
you're trying to do it all, and are fatigued and have brain fog, you'd
be surprised how easy it is to screw up.  

Here is my question:  Is there any way I can play around with the hard
drive to try and retrieve the data myself?   I know that must sound
out there, but I've learned a lot just by reading things online and
I've done my own networking, replaced sound cards and modems and added
ram.  I know this is more complicated, but I'm desperate at this

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.


Re: Hard Drive

Don't know if any of these links will throw any light for you.

http://www.pcmech.com/show/harddrive/664 /


Re: Hard Drive

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Maybe. What exactly happened when 'the hard drive on my desktop went' ?

Is the system still using that hard drive, or has it been replaced
with a new one, and you have the old hard drive loose now ?

If its loose, and has been replaced, you may well be able
to put it back in the desktop as a slave, and use one of
the file recovery programs to get a lot more off the drive.

I like Easy Recovery Pro myself, but it isnt practical for you to buy.
Dunno how you feel about downloaded licensed software, but its
readily available for download.

If you arent into that, there are other free ones around.
Unfortunately I dont know how good they are.

If you do plan to try a free one, it would be safer to clone the
drive the went bad first, at the sector level, so you can try
recovering from the clone and can reclone if it doesnt work etc.
You would obviously need another drive to clone to tho, and thats
unlikely to be feasible if you dont want to spend another cent.

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Re: Hard Drive

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Rod Speed wrote:
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Sounds half-assed for $300. What did you ASK them to retrieve?

  They tell
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If best buy was able to retrieve stuff, you probably can too. Looks
like they just plugged it in, found your desktop, and "my documents"
folder and burned them to a CD. And charged out the nose for an hour's
work. I think your hard drive is reasonably functional.

This is heresy, but, if you're willing to take a risk, plug it in as a
secondary master, and run chkdsk /r on it. (may take a long time, like
many, many hours) You'd be surprised how much damage the filesystem can
take, and still be rebuilt.

It Is prudent to clone it off, first, of course. But if you're not
spending another cent, that may do the trick.

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Re: Hard Drive

Where are you located?  There might be someone local who could help.
(not a stalker)

Maureen wrote:
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Re: Hard Drive

On Wed, 10 Jan 2007 01:06:40 -0000 Too Much Ying and you will Pay With
Yang  then no@spam.invalid (Maureen) sent this :

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Free Windows/PC help,

Re: Hard Drive

Davy, thank you SO much.  I did some google searches yesterday but
came up short.  Just a brief glimpse at these and they look like what
I was hoping to find.

Bless you!  Thanks for taking the time to post these.


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