Hard drive - 137 Gb Barrier

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Hello all,

I want to buy a 200 Gb hard drive to put on my girlfriend's computer.

Someone on this NG told me that according to the RAM speed my MOBO supports
(ddr PC2100), my mobo's BIOS probably doesn't support drives larger than 137
Gb ones. My MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-7VM400M.

How can i check if my mobo's BIOS supports drives larger than 137 GB
(preferably a better solution than buying a 200 Gb harddrive, and returning
it if the PC doesn't see all of its capacity...)? If it doesn't see all 200
gigabytes of the HD, how can i remedy the problem?? Is it possible to remedy
the problem without changing the MOBO???

thank you

Re: Hard drive - 137 Gb Barrier

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 15:39:59 -0400 If God exists he'll get  "Zed Rafi"

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Click here,

and also get Everest Home Edition,

and then you can check the model and make of your mother board and
check the maker's site to see it's limitations.
HTH :)

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Re: Hard drive - 137 Gb Barrier


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Your board does support 48bit LBA, drives larger than 137GB.
AFAIK, all boards with ATA133 capable controller (as yours
has) necessarily started out with 48bit LBA support even
from the very first bios release.

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