Hard Disk Weirdness

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I bought a 120 gig SATAII drive about 5 weeks ago. I hooked it up to a
pci sata raid card. I had to set the hard disk to 150mpbs only
operation to get it to boot. I installed xp on it, and all was fine and
dandy for about 2 weeks untill it started clicking and making weird
sounds. I took the hard disk out and didnt use it or rma it or
anything. I recently picked up a usb sata enclosure made by vantec. I
got rid of the jumper for 150mbps operation and stuck it in the
enclosure. There was no clicking from the hard disk and it seems to
work fine.

Anyone know of a reason for this? My case is well ventilated. I was
thinking it was maybe i was taxing my pci card too much or something.
I've got 2 hard disks on my onboard, 2 on a card(i had 4 on my mobo but
overclocking overclocked one of the satas and destroyed it), 3 ide hard
disks, 1 firewire based hard disk and now a usb hard disk. I've got a
620 W PSU as well, so i dont think power should really be an issue.

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