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Re: Hard Disk requalification

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 12:34:58 -0400, "William W. Plummer"

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I've not read the Spinrite docs in a long time but what I
vaguely recall what that it is quite intentional to access
the medium in different, multiple directional strategies so
that differences in arm movement can also be (supposedly)
tested... or at least their impact on reading.  Or maybe I
have that all wrong, it HAS been awhile since I read it, for
all I know it might've only applied to recovering data off
of floppies with spinrite.

Re: Hard Disk requalification

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It's been more years than I care to remember since I last looked
at it, but at one point there was a disk test utility packaged with
the old Norton Utilities.

And the old pre-IDE controllers usually had a low-level formatter
built into the controller's BIOS (IIRC entered at <segment>:5 using
the DEBUG program).  If the disks are so old that they have some
physical characteristic (the antique Compaq thinline disks, perhaps?)
it's possible that the controller you're using might have such a

I do have to ask, however: what is there about the disks that
precludes physical replacement with newer drives?

Joe Morris

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