Hard Disk Gone Incommunicado

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One of my hard disks is no longer seen by either
the BIOS or XP.  I might have done something
bad with Paragon's Partition Manager (operator
error).  Is there a tool that will access a damaged
disk?  It shouldn't be physically damaged.


Re: Hard Disk Gone Incommunicado

On Mon, 9 Mar 2009 18:48:30 -0400, "Gary Brown"

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Where in XP is the drive not seen?  I mean, a mistake in
Partition Manager could easily keep it from appearing as a
valid volume in My Computer, but in Disk Management the
drive should still be listed.

Nothing you do with Paragon Partition Manager could keep a
drive from being see by the BIOS, by seen I mean identified,
listed in the early enumeration portion displayed on-screen.
Wiping out or otherwise damaging a partition could cause the
drive to not be seen as a viable boot device.

If your problem is the former it seems the drive has failed,
you can try jiggling the connectors or use different cables,
can try running the HDD manufacturer's diagnostics.

If the problem is the latter, assuming you are not trying to
recover any lost data from the drive, simply use your choice
of software to make valid partitions again, then format

Re: Hard Disk Gone Incommunicado

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When I last tried to boot it hung with that drive connected.  It
was an old PATA that hadn't gotten much use until I installed
XP onto it.  Apparently, that was too much for it.

Thanks for responding,

Re: Hard Disk Gone Incommunicado

Gary Brown wrote:
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If the drive is not seen by the bios...
then it's defective (assuming the cables are ok)

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