Hard Disk Failure - Please help!

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I have an additional hard disk that I was using to store my files on
during a reformat of my main c: drive. I reformatted and everything
went ok, I was still able to access the additional disk, yet today, for
some reason when I go into "my computer" I am unable to access the
drive. After some delay windows informs that it is not formatted and
asks if I want to reformat.

Does anyone have any advice on programs / measures that I could take to
attempt to recover data on the drive?

MANY thanks.

Re: Hard Disk Failure - Please help!

Do you know how to use DOS? Can you see the contents of the Hard Drive by
using DIR in DOS.
It may just be something screwed up in Windows??

Did you change any settings for the Hard Drive such as enabling DMA?


Bill H
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Re: Hard Disk Failure - Please help!

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First, you need to determine whether it's a Windows thing.  Watch closely
right after you turn your computer on, and there likey will be directions on
how to enter system setup (BIOS).  It's often F2 or Esc or Del, sometimes F1
or F10.  Once in BIOS, look at your general bios settings, where your
attached drives and storage are listed.  Is your problematic hard drive in

Let us know.


Re: Hard Disk Failure - Please help!

Thanks for the responses. I have just got my pc back up and running
I used an application called "Stellar Phoenix" which allowed me to
retrieve files on the driver.

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