Hard disk failure is imminent.

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Hi all,

I was welcomed this morning to my server displaying this error:
Please back up your data, hard disk failure is imminent.

Perhaps not the best message to see.

If I press F1, the machine will boot up normally.
The machine is running 2 hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration, which
is probably why I am still able to log on -- Perhaps it's using the
second drive.
The hard drives are seagate drives.

The computer is running Ubuntu 6.10 and a vm of Windows 2003 server.

I tried running seatools on the VM, though it would seem more logical
to run it on the host server.
Seatools are available for linux, but won't scan ata or sata drives,
which is what I have.

Does this mean that one of my hard drives stopped working?
Has anyone had any luck on recovering a disk once this message has
I don't want to have to change my hard drives..

Re: Hard disk failure is imminent.

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At a root prompt, what to you see from these two commands (Substitude md0
with your array name):

 mdadm --detail /dev/md0

 cat /proc/mdstat

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