Guest Wont print !!

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Sysyem has a host and guest. Host works in every way.Guest works
except won't print. What is preventing from thr guest from printing.
Yried everything to no avail. Please help and thanks !!!

PS Pentium, duak core, etc, etc running pentium etc  

Re: Guest Wont print !!

Stephen G. Giannoni wrote:
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Check for working networking in the Guest OS.
Open Guest OS firewall for file sharing and printer sharing.
Make sure they're turned on.
Install printer driver inside guest, for the printer.
Then connect to host printing facility, as if it
was a network printer.

Just a guess,

Re: Guest Wont print !!

I've got the right print driver on the host. The guest can't seem to
access the internet (another problem). I don't need the guest to
access the internet since I only wanted it to run older programs on
XP. That works fine BUT no printing. However I can't get the guest to
access newer discs so I can't transfer it over that way. It says the
disc isn't formatted or formatted with something incompatible.

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Re: Guest Wont print !!

Stephen G. Giannoni wrote:
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Some hosting softwares support drag and drop file transfer. You
can drop a file from the host onto the guest desktop window, and
a file can be transferred. For that to work, the "guest additions"
must be installed in the VM environment. And the guest additions
take the form of an ISO file with the software on it, so installing
the guest additions requires the "CD path" in the guest to be working.

I've had host-guest setups that were so busted, I could not arrange
*anything* to get inside. I had a Solaris Guest once, where the network
driver provided (would use the emulated NIC) was broken, which did
severe damage to any attempts to communicate. The guest additions
weren't designed for that OS, so that wouldn't work. The floppy
drive was the last possible route, and there was some problem
with that too (possibly needed to download MTools package
to access the floppy, instead of it being inside the image

So there are cases of "virtual failure" in terms of virtualization,
where the guest is just *too* broken for words.

I like a challenge, but at some point, fixing stuff like
this is just stupid.


On the VM I installed today (OVA format), networking was set to NAT
and didn't work. I set it to "bridged", not caring how it works,
just so the network would come up and I could get something
done. So some hosting softwares provide a pile of options,
which just means more knob twiddling until you can connect.


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