Great Battery Life :)

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my laptop can run for 6 months
with no battery recharge

of course it's not terribly portable :)

Re: Great Battery Life :)

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It could be, with a sturdy wheelbarrow. <g>.

Re: Great Battery Life :)

old jon wrote:
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i could not even get those batteries out of the basement !

anyway if i really would need to use the laptop anywhere...
i have a smaller lead-acid 12v battery approx the size of a motorcycle
battery...which could make my laptop sort of portable.

this is the first time i've had a laptop better than a 486..
this one is a celeron 550 with 64 megs of ram
it was my "payment" from work for combining two "junk" laptops
and making one good one.

i got to keep all the junk parts!
the machine i ended up with had been dropped...
and the battery was dead.
so i hooked up an external battery and repaired the damage as best i could.
i eventually got the thing to boot up...but it took nearly 15 minutes...
it must have had at least 20 apps in startup!!!!
after a little tweaking i actually got it to run half-way well.

Re: Great Battery Life :)

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Well done that man !.

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