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This is my first post! :)

I have a problem with my graphics card when i play games or watch dvd's
where it will either crash or play with lines or fuzzy pixels! It's fine
when doing nothing high powered.

I think I've found the problem (fingers crossed) I think my power supply
doesn't have enough amps to run at high processing times?

This is my power supply

this is my graphics card

I'm also connecting it via one black 6 pin connectors

I think i read somewhere that my graphics card needs 40a but i'm not
sure if my power supply can do that?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Rick

Re: Graphics Problem

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or graphic card is presumably in worst scenario bad, you need to make
consecutive tests to see what is bothering your system.
the programs to use such as: VMT, 3DMARK, Atitool, GPU stability test
3D, aso.

Re: Graphics Problem

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you might check it on another PC, so the test to be clean test.


Re: Graphics Problem

Rick1990 wrote:
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HIS HD 5750 iCooler IV 1GB (128bit) GDDR5 PCIe (DirectX11) OEM

"450 Watt or greater power supply with one 6-pin PCI Express
  power connectors recommended"

The card has moderate power needs. 12.8 watts idle. 58.7 watts gaming.
69.2 watts being tortured by OCCT in 3D mode. In rough numbers,
it uses 5 amps from your 12V rail. So "40 amps" is unnecessary.

I couldn't get a response from the Russian site (error message was
"502 gateway timeout"). So I cannot examine a picture of the label
of the power supply, to see if it meets the specs or not.

If a power supply is not working well (bad capacitors, PS_ON# signal
half asserted by the motherboard), then it doesn't matter what
it says on the power supply label - it may not be delivering
the power that it should. So the power supply may nominally
be OK, but if it is not healthy, then that could account for
the issues.

To compute a power budget for the computer, you need to include
the loading from all hardware components.


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