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What's the difference between these two (the 256MB variant):

Is one a better, more respected manufacturer?

Re: Graphics cards

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I think I would go for HIS, as it seems a better name to me.

Re: Graphics cards

Grumps wrote:
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The Powercolor has an Arctic Cooling cooler strapped to it.
The fan sticks up, above the top edge of the video card.
If you had a fan or duct on the side panel of your case, it might
bump into the video card.

For the HIS version, I cannot find a picture of the unit that
I trust. So cannot comment on how much louder the HIS cooler
would be, compared to the Powercolor.

Usually, you want to find some kind of review article, to
see if people are happy with it. A detailed picture will
reveal whether there are going to be any issues fitting
it to your particular computer case.

Both units appear to use GDDR3 RAM. Sometimes, two different
brands of cards use a different type of RAM, and one has
better performance than the other. In this case, both
use the same type of RAM, so all you have to do is compare the
clock rating for each.


Re: Graphics cards

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Thanks both for your comments.

I found this
( product link shortened) which
is the HIS one. It obviously looks like a much smaller heatsink/fan combo,
but is this a good thing? I can't find any reviews to compare.

I can get the PowerColor card for 20% less than the HIS.

Re: Graphics cards

"Grumps" > I found this
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The 1950 is a hot running and current hungry card.  The HIS is using the
stock HSF, while the Powercolor has the more effective cooling solution..
Both brands are reputable vendors as far as that goes.  Given the price, and
the fan, I would purchase the Powercolor.


Re: Graphics cards

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Thanks. Powercolor it is then.

I already have an AGP version of this card, and it's the best card I've ever
owned. There was far less choice when it comes to the AGP version.

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